Understanding Firmographics

Firmographics are essentially the demographic attributes of companies. Similar to how demographics study individual characteristics, firmographics delve into the qualities of organizations. A critical aspect of firmographic information is the industry in which a business operates. At USP Data, we offer over 1000 meticulously researched reports, complementing the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) sector categories. Our approach is so integral to our firmographic analysis that we named our company after it: Unique Sector Performance Data Limited. The USP Data app encompasses:

Researched Sectors - Over 1000 titles

SIC Codes - 730 titles

Financial Selectors - 42 Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet metrics, and Key Performance Indicators

Geographical Selectors - Regional, Proximity to a Postcode, County

Shareholder Profile - Age, Ownership Percentage, Shareholder Count, Group Company Count

Keywords - Derived from business descriptions and company websites.

USP Data is designed to facilitate the definition of unique selector combinations, aiding in swiftly pinpointing a targeted list of relevant firms.

The Significance of Firmographics in Deal Origination

The comprehensive firmographic selection options in the USP Data app enable users to tailor and save their search criteria. Utilizing these customized searches allows for a focused review of pertinent companies. With access to the latest details on over 5.3 million active UK companies, the right firmographic tools are essential for rapidly accessing data on appealing businesses that meet your criteria. Saving your specific searches and integrating them into the inbuilt CRM system enables concurrent management of multiple project searches and sharing of outcomes with colleagues. Segmenting businesses has never been simpler.

Utilizing Firmographic Insights

Firmographic data is a crucial tool for informed decision-making and effortless business segmentation. By crafting appropriate search criteria and applying them to up-to-date information, you can swiftly generate shortlists that target relevant niches using USP Data. Once potential firms are identified, you can easily create comparative analysis reports or export data to a spreadsheet. The averages and rankings in your niche search analysis will mirror the financial performance of your selected group, facilitating a straightforward comparison with broader sector trends available through researched sector or SIC-based reports. Additionally, niche report listings can highlight opportunities for a buy-and-build strategy within a sector, as firmographic data makes it simple to identify additional firms in a sector similar to your initial targets.

Exploring Contact Opportunities

With USP Data, you have unrestricted access to necessary data. For a selected group, contact information for principal shareholders and directors can be exported from the USP Data app, allowing for personalized communication. Many users have found the main shareholder home address listing to be an effective starting point for initiating conversations about succession planning.