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Explore the Potential of USP Data: Unmatched Dynamic Data Access: In the ever-evolving landscape of acquisitions, having a dependable resource for company information is essential. The USP Data app distinguishes itself by offering unlimited access to responsive data and cutting-edge firmographic data selection tools. Our dynamic company database, containing the latest information on over 5.3 million active UK companies, acts as your guiding tool for efficient searches.

Streamline Deal Origination: Efficiency is paramount in deal origination, and the USP Data app simplifies the process with a distinctive advantage—utilizing over 30 years of research to accurately categorize firms into the correct industry sector listings. Unlike conventional SIC classifications that may lead you astray, our app ensures you don't waste time on irrelevant firms. Other firmographic data selections encompass financial, geographic, and shareholder profile combinations, all tailored for building meaningful shortlists swiftly.

Refine Your Lists: Bid farewell to scattered lists and incomplete data. The USP Data app enables the seamless importation of existing research or lists from external sources, enriching them with researched and SIC listings, along with state-of-the-art firmographic data selectors. The outcome? Swiftly focus on targeting niche industries.

Efficient Search Management: No more drowning in spreadsheets—the integrated CRM in the USP Data app is your new companion. Manage lists, stay updated on the latest company records, conduct what-if selections, and save results—all in one place. Easily recycle your research for future projects.

Comparative Analysis and Reporting: Decisions grounded in data form the cornerstone of successful strategies. With the USP Data app, effortlessly pinpoint niche industry listings and conduct comparative analyses. Export relevant financial or responsive details using customizable templates. Empower yourself with reporting facilities to make informed decisions and generate analysis reports for crucial meetings or fundraising presentations.

Firmographic Excellence: Move beyond the constraints of SIC codes. The USP Data app provides accurate industry sector classifications based on actual activities. With 1000+ researched report listings covering various UK industry sectors, ensure better quality market niches and save time and money on irrelevant prospects.

Identifying Niche Industries: Navigating a sea of 5.3 million live companies demands sector-focused accuracy. The USP Data app eliminates the risk of random SIC code misclassification by leveraging researched sector listings. Identify meaningful niche markets with precision.

Exclusive Researched Listings and Dedicated Team: The USP Data app is a comprehensive system designed to swiftly identify suitable targets and logically manage searches, allowing the pursuit of multiple deal opportunities. Benefit from exclusive researched listings that unveil opportunities other tools may overlook, particularly for buy-and-build strategies targeting SME firms. Additionally, our dedicated research team is prepared to support bespoke customer projects, ensuring the most complete and accurate results. Redefine your business strategy with the USP Data App—where information becomes your strategic advantage.